Band conveyor

Band conveyors are used for the transport of open or packaged components to the packaging stations, to storage boxes, to scales or label printing systems, to the final examination, to the outlet belt and so on. On the below-mentioned pictures you see some elected applications.

Conveyor_001 Conveyor_002 Conveyor_003

Customer- and system-dependent solutions
Most of band conveyors in service we design oneself and assemble them with the necessary belt strap (for example with cams, with lateral boundaries, antislip, for dust free rooms and so on). They are normally controlled by a step motor. That has the advantage, that can be run foul and breaked exactly with ramps. Speed is exactly controllable and balanced on the appropriate service. The band conveyors could be examined with light barriers and positioned exactly with the step motor technique, for example for the filling of several or only single parts into a box-band, on a further band conveyor or directly into the filling tube of the packaging machine.


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