LH150_frei_800Technical specifications LH150 AIRPOP

Machine type: LH150 AIRPOP
Bag width: 75 mm
Bag lenght: 40 – 990 mm
Film width: 150 mm
Film thickness: 30 – 80 µm
Consumption / m³: about 4kg film
Speed: up to 80 bags/min
Lenght: 650 mm
Width: 400 mm
Height: 300 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Frame: blue powder-coated
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 150 W
Film types: flat film, PE-film, PE-antistatic, PE-corrosion-resistant, laminated film


- Costs of material
- Work centre costs
- Costs of transport
- Forwarding costs


Environmentally friendly:
- Several times utilizable
- polyethylene-material (re-usable)


- clean and dustless cushion- und padding material
- small, efficient and compact machine


Additional Features:
- bag lenght adjustable in cm
- bag chain endless and number of output
- instruction, how many bags should be produced


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